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The following is a complete list of the fanworks submitted during the 2015 Nordipalooza Fest. It is arranged in the order they were submitted. See summary fields for each submission's type/rating/language.

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Nordipalooza 2015 Fanworks

01. Feline Humour by Hetaliatimes/[personal profile] akinohikari [Iceland, Norway - Transformation - AU]

Summary: Erik is determined to follow in his brother’s footsteps, even if he has to put up with his teasing to do it. Harry Potter AU. Fanfic. Rated G. In English.

02. Firm Form, Soft Touch by [personal profile] yuuago/Rukkilill/[personal profile] roesslyng [Norway/Denmark - Frills - Modern]

Summary: They've been close for a long time, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything new left to learn about each other. Fanfic. Rated 18+. In English.

03. Northern Home by [personal profile] caffinatedstory (Tumblr) [Norway/Finland - Returning]

Summary: Times change and years tick by, but sometimes it's good to return to where one came from. Where it all started. Fanfic. Rated T. In English.

04. High Above by [personal profile] caffinatedstory (Tumblr) [Norway, Denmark - Unpacking]

Summary: Norway successfully drags Denmark up a mountain, Denmark is less successful at getting down. Because nothing says brotherly bonding time like a 'hyttetur'. Fanfic. Rated T. In English.

05. Story Time by [personal profile] cheshirejin. [Norway, Sealand - Folklore]

Summary: Norway tells Sealand a story. Fanfic. Rated G. In English.

06. All Apologies by [personal profile] kiramaru7 [Sweden, Finland, others - Apolgies]

Summary: Sweden apologizes for being an arse. Fanfic. Rated OT. In English.

07. Krummavísur (The Raven's Song) by Kainoliero [Norway, Iceland - Song]

Summary: Ravens aren't evil, they're just ravens doing raven things. If you fall through the ice the raven thing is - obviously - to see if you'll soon become the next meal for them. Fanfic. Rated G. In English.

08. Cupid? More like STUPID, amirite? by [personal profile] returnofthepundead [Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway - New Acquaintances]

Summary: Mathias Køhler had always fancied himself to be a bit of a Cupid. Some might disagree, but... well, yeah, actually, they might kinda have a point there. Fanfic. Rated T. In English.

09. Across Wonderland by [personal profile] danish_cookie/Middletails [Denmark, Sweden - Chase]

Summary: What happens when your friends are busy drawing during a con and you get bored and start drawing as well. Fanart. Rated G.

10. Rain by Hinata Plusle. [Sweden, others - lost in the woods/other location]

Summary: Pretending is hard. The weather doesn't help. Fanfic. Rated K+. In English.

11. Rivalries by [personal profile] icelilly/Scarlettlillies. [Sweden, Denmark - Acceptance]

Summary: Christian and Björn have been both life-time friends and rivals. They meet again today for a battle that will decide who goes to the semi-final round. They're on better terms now but it wasn't always like that. Pokemon AU. Fanfic. Rated T. In English.

12. Millennium by Hinata Plusle. [Norway/Iceland - Growing up]

Summary: A random letter for no good reason. Still a letter. Fanfic. Rated K. In English.

13. Alvorada (Dawn) by Hinata Plusle. [Finland, Denmark - Morning]

Summary: A alvorada verdadeira não perdia por esperar. Como passou a desejá-la? De maneira mais simples do que poderia parecer. Fanfic. Rated G. In Brazilian Portuguese.

14. Fracture by [personal profile] gelaecter/Polarstern [Iceland, Sweden - Arguments]

Summary: Things don't quite go to plan and Iceland doesn't know how to cope. Den/Ice. Fanfic. Rated G. In English.

15. Optimism by Seasonalparadox. [Norway, Finland - Optimism - Kalmar Union]

Summary: It is a tense situation for everyone in the Kalmar Union right now, but the opinions of two different nations differ greatly. Fanfic. Rated G-T. In English.

16. Untitled 01 by Anonymous. [Sweden, Denmark - Miscommunication]

Summary: There is no greater reward than the tears in your eyes. Fanart. Rated G. In English.

17. Untitled 02 by Anonymous. [Sweden, Iceland - Intimidation - AU]

Summary: The first to back down, loses. Magical Girl AU. Fanart. Rated G.