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Title: Things that change and things that don’t

Author:  Aki-no-hikari

Prompt: Norway, Denmark: Transformation – [Optional: Viking Age or 1500s]

Other characters: Mentions of England, Sweden, Germany, Iceland and Finland.

Rating: T

Content notes: Cursing, mentions of death, violence and war but nothing explicit. Historical inaccuracies abound.

Summary: Norway and Denmark were siblings, born of the same father and of the sea they both so loved. But more than siblings, they were best friends.

As his sibling and best friend, Norway was in a prime position to watch Denmark. The same similarities and differences that made them fight and get on each other’s nerves made Denmark fascinating to observe.

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Title: --
Author/Artist: Anonymous
Prompt: Intimidation (AU); Sweden, Iceland
Other characters: --
Rating: G
Content notes: Magical girl AU, I don't even know anymore.
Summary: The first to back down, loses.

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Title: --
Author/Artist: Anonymous
Prompt: Miscommunication; Sweden, Any Nation
Other characters: --
Rating: G
Content notes: Let's see how broadly I can interpret my prompt... The quote is (a mangled version) from "The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Andersen.
Summary: There is no greater reward than the tears in your eyes.

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Title:  Fracture
Author/Artist: Polarstern
Prompt: Iceland, Sweden - Arguments - 1500s or 1900s
Other characters: Denmark, mentions of Norway.
Rating: G
Content notes: Den/Ice. This is a sort-of continuation of my entry for the DenIce fest last year, although you don't really need to read it.
Summary: Things don't quite go to plan and Iceland doesn't know how to cope


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Title: Rivalries
Author/Artist: [personal profile] icelilly /scarlettlillies/dreaming-pearl
Prompt: Sweden, Denmark - Acceptance
Other characters: Russia (Finland, Estonia, Norway, and Iceland are mentioned but not seen)
Rating: T (PG at best)
Content notes: Poketalia human AU. This is based on the Poketalia AU I've been working on for several years now. Teams are based on the photosets I've posted on Tumblr. You can read more about the AU here (link includes the photosets too). SuFin is established but none of it is present in this. Names: Christian - Denmark, Björn - Sweden, Timo - Finland, Einar - Norway, Eiríkur - Iceland, Eduard - Estonia, Ivan - Russia. Apologizes for messing up the accents.
Summary: Christian and Björn have been both life-time friends and rivals. They meet again today for a battle that will decide who goes to the semi-final round. They're on better terms now but it wasn't always like that.

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Title: Rain
Author/Artist: Hinata Plusle
Prompt: Sweden/Any nation - lost in the woods or other geographical location - 1900s or modern
Other characters: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland
Rating: K+
Content notes: Human names. Norway - Aksel; Denmark - Thorbjørn; Finland - Timo.
Mentions of past one-sided Sufin.
Summary: Pretending is hard. The weather doesn't help.

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Title: Across Wonderland
Author/Artist: middletails (http://middletails.tumblr.com)
Prompt: Chase - Denmark & Sweden
Other characters: Norway sorta and Iceland's Puffin pet...sorta
Rating: G
Content notes: n/a
Summary: What happens when your friends are busy drawing during a con and you get bored and
start drawing as well.

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Title: cupid? more like STUPID, amirite?
Author/Artist: returnofthepundead
Prompt: Denmark, Any Nation - New acquaintances
Other characters: Sweden, Finland, Norway. Brief mentions of Turkey and Greece.
Rating: T
Content notes: Denmark is Mathias, Sweden is Berwald, Finland is Timo, Norway is Lukas. Turkey is Salik, Greece is Herakles. If you don't like any of the human names, just, like, copy and paste it onto another document and replace the names. Human names are a pain. Potential Sweden/Finland. Rating for language and innuendo in the form of puns. Takes place in an English secondary school; all characters speak in English unless otherwise specified. Finland is a year older than everyone else.
Summary: Mathias Køhler had always fancied himself to be a bit of a Cupid. Some might disagree, but... well, yeah, actually, they might kinda have a point there.

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Title: All Apologies
Author/Artist: kira
Prompt: Sweden, Any Nation - Apologies | Modern or 1700s
Other characters: (In order of appearance) Finland, Sealand, England, Denmark, Norway
Rating: OT for “off camera” sex.
Content notes: The following is a sequel of sorts to a fic I co-wrote with two friends of mine, Jen and Kat, called “Ravishing Sweden.” No knowledge of that fic is really necessary to enjoy this, but it does allude to events in that fic. For those who wish to read “Ravishing Sweden” it can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/494063/chapters/864066
Summary: Sweden apologizes for being an arse…

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Title: Parabéns. (Congratulations.)

Author/Artist: jurikatou on Tumblr
Prompt: Iceland, Sweden - Open spaces | 1500s or 1900s
Other characters: Mentions of Denmark, Norway, Finland and America.

Rating: K+

Content notes: Fanfiction written in Brazilian Portuguese (author’s native language). Mentions the occupation of Iceland during WWII. And also of Norway and Denmark, indirectly.
Summary: Logo depois da proclamação de sua República, Islândia recebe uma visita inesperada. (Right after having become a Republic, Iceland has an unexpected visitor.)
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Title: Seeds
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sarageneris / sarageneris / kanadka
Prompt: Iceland, Sweden - Celebration/holiday | Viking age or Modern
Other characters: Denmark, Norway (briefly), Wales (super briefly)
Rating: PG
Content notes: History based, some notes at end if you're curious. Momentary and non-permanent nation death.
Summary: When Norway goes west to colonise North America, he needs someone to look after Iceland.

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Title: In your Face
Author/Artist: middletails
Prompt: Denmark/Sweden - Face to Face
Other characters: n/a
Rating: G
Content notes: n/a
Summary: Nothing like good old fashion confrontation!

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Title: Disease, Imprisonment, Isolation
Author/Artist: jurikatou on tumblr
Prompt: Finland, Denmark - Fever | AU or 1900s
Other characters: Norway, Sweden, mentions of Iceland
Rating: Possibly T?
Content notes: Human names. Denmark is Simon, Norway is Børre, Iceland is Emil. Character death. Possible trigger warning: mentions of blood.

Summary: Taking care of an ill person isn’t just about giving them food, medicine and treatment. As time goes by, it can imprison the caretaker as much as the ill one.

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Title: When a Nordic loses Something
Author/Artist: jurikatou on tumblr
Prompt: Finland, Any Nation - Hunting/Searching for something | 1700s or Modern
Other characters: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland
Rating: K+
Content notes: None.

Summary: What happens when a certain Nordic loses something and can’t find it without help.
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Title: The Spark and the Blaze
Author: Mirradin
Prompt: Sweden, any nation -- fire. Viking or 1700s.
Other characters: Belarus.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Sweden thinks fire is beautiful.

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Title: Vltava
Author: [livejournal.com profile] yuuago/Rukkilill/Roesslyng
Prompt: Sweden, Any Nation (used Czech Republic/Bohemia) - Battle - 1600s. No pairings.
Other Characters: Finland is there too
Rating: 13+ for violence
Content notes: About the Battle of Prague during the Thirty Years War. Inspired by Sabaton's song 1648. Many thanks to Tikula for her advice and encouragement. :)
Summary: Business is what brings Sweden to Prague now, and it's an entirely different kind of business than what brought him there in 1648.

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Title: Runaway
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ravn90/caffinatedstory/smokingtulips
Prompt: Iceland, Sweden - Disguises | 1800s or Medieval
Other characters: Mentions of Norway
Rating: PG
Content notes: Set right after Norway joined Sweden in 1814.
Summary: Sweden promised Iceland's safety, Norway made him swear it - but while he thought he could brush the current events under the table it soon becomes clear Iceland knows a bit more than he thought.

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Title: Death to Kings
Author: Times/Aki-no-hikari
Prompt: Norway, Any Nation(filled with Sweden) - Negotiations– [Optional: 1600s or 1800s, filled with 1800s]
Other characters: mentions of Denmark
Rating: G
Content notes: Set at the Convention of Moss in 1814, which signaled the beginning of the personal union between Sweden and Norway- Historical inaccuracies abound so don’t take it too seriously. Country names used
Summary: Norway and Sweden settling the issue of Kings after their short war.
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Title: Escape
Author/Artist: eyjafjallajoke.tumblr.com
Prompt: Norway, Denmark - Escape | Medieval or 1600s
Other characters: Iceland, Sweden
Rating: G
Content notes: Alvar = Sweden
Mikkel = Denmark
Taava = Finland
Sjalde = Norway
Iceland = Ari
Summary: Denmark formed a union with the other 4 Nordic nations, but it went downhill quickly.

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Title: Breathe and Abide
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] yuuago/Rukkilill/Roesslyng
Prompt: Sweden/Denmark - Face to Face - 1900s
Other characters: None
Rating: 18+ for sex
Content notes: Has some consensual non-negotiated breathplay in there. Sort of. ~1400 words. PWP.
Summary: It wasn't like this before. It is now, and it's good.

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