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Title: All The Things He Said
Author/Artist: Icelilly
Prompt: Denmark, Any Nation (Estonia) - Things Left Unsaid - Modern or 1500s
Other characters: The Nordic-Baltic 8 appear in this but only Den, Est, Fin, Liet, and Lat have lines.
Rating: T
Content notes: DenEst-centered. Very long, around 4400+ words. More notes are listed at the end of this fic. I forgot how to write Den's accent.
Summary: Denmark and Estonia once shared a difficult and violent relationship but not so much anymore. Still, the memories from those days still plague him and he's struggling to enjoy his day off with his partner and friends.

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Title: Things that change and things that don’t

Author:  Aki-no-hikari

Prompt: Norway, Denmark: Transformation – [Optional: Viking Age or 1500s]

Other characters: Mentions of England, Sweden, Germany, Iceland and Finland.

Rating: T

Content notes: Cursing, mentions of death, violence and war but nothing explicit. Historical inaccuracies abound.

Summary: Norway and Denmark were siblings, born of the same father and of the sea they both so loved. But more than siblings, they were best friends.

As his sibling and best friend, Norway was in a prime position to watch Denmark. The same similarities and differences that made them fight and get on each other’s nerves made Denmark fascinating to observe.

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Title: Rivalries
Author/Artist: [personal profile] icelilly /scarlettlillies/dreaming-pearl
Prompt: Sweden, Denmark - Acceptance
Other characters: Russia (Finland, Estonia, Norway, and Iceland are mentioned but not seen)
Rating: T (PG at best)
Content notes: Poketalia human AU. This is based on the Poketalia AU I've been working on for several years now. Teams are based on the photosets I've posted on Tumblr. You can read more about the AU here (link includes the photosets too). SuFin is established but none of it is present in this. Names: Christian - Denmark, Björn - Sweden, Timo - Finland, Einar - Norway, Eiríkur - Iceland, Eduard - Estonia, Ivan - Russia. Apologizes for messing up the accents.
Summary: Christian and Björn have been both life-time friends and rivals. They meet again today for a battle that will decide who goes to the semi-final round. They're on better terms now but it wasn't always like that.

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Title: All Apologies
Author/Artist: kira
Prompt: Sweden, Any Nation - Apologies | Modern or 1700s
Other characters: (In order of appearance) Finland, Sealand, England, Denmark, Norway
Rating: OT for “off camera” sex.
Content notes: The following is a sequel of sorts to a fic I co-wrote with two friends of mine, Jen and Kat, called “Ravishing Sweden.” No knowledge of that fic is really necessary to enjoy this, but it does allude to events in that fic. For those who wish to read “Ravishing Sweden” it can be found here:
Summary: Sweden apologizes for being an arse…

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Title: Story Time
Author/Artist: cheshirejin
Prompt: Norway, Any Nation - Folklore
Other characters:Sealand
Rating: General
Summary: Norway tells Sealand a story.

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Title: Marknadsrutiner i Novgorod
Author/Artist: dolkaren (
Prompt: Finland, Any Nation - Routines | Viking age or 1600s
Other characters: Russia
Rating: K
Content notes: Swedish language, Late Iron Age (as neither Finland nor Russia had a Viking Age)
Summary: Finland är en resande handelsman under sena järnåldern med många rutiner på sina resor. Novgorod är en av rutinerna i hans handelsväg, och det finns en särskild russ-smyckeshandelsman som han ser till att byta handel med. Du vet, som bara är en liten rutin...

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Title: Of Fertile Hills and Bountiful Lands
Author: [ profile] the_pundead
Prompt: Denmark, Any Nation [Finland] - Geographical Features | 1600s or AU
Other Characters: Sweden, a mention of Norway, and a mention of Estonia.
Rating: T
Content Notes: Rated T for strong language in English and mild language in Finnish, as well as a brief mention of loss of virginity. Denmark (female) = Freja, Finland = Timo, Sweden = Berwald, Norway = Lukas, Estonia = Eduard.
Summary: Denmark and Finland go out drinking and it all culminates in geographical euphemisms. And apparently these two can have serious moments together? Anyway, there's pickled herring, a trainee mechanic, and a truly terrible pun towards the end.

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Title: The Spark and the Blaze
Author: Mirradin
Prompt: Sweden, any nation -- fire. Viking or 1700s.
Other characters: Belarus.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Sweden thinks fire is beautiful.

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Title: Vltava
Author: [ profile] yuuago/Rukkilill/Roesslyng
Prompt: Sweden, Any Nation (used Czech Republic/Bohemia) - Battle - 1600s. No pairings.
Other Characters: Finland is there too
Rating: 13+ for violence
Content notes: About the Battle of Prague during the Thirty Years War. Inspired by Sabaton's song 1648. Many thanks to Tikula for her advice and encouragement. :)
Summary: Business is what brings Sweden to Prague now, and it's an entirely different kind of business than what brought him there in 1648.

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Title: Sound Dues
Author: [ profile] yuuago/Rukkilill/Roesslyng
Prompt: Denmark, Netherlands (/any nation) - Ships (1600s)
Other characters: None
Rating: 13+ ish for language and context.
Content notes: Takes place during the Battle of the Sound in 1658. ~1800 words.
Summary: Sometimes there just isn't anything you can do except wait for the wind to change - and for a friend to lend you a hand.

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Title:  Job Hunting

Prompt:  Norway, Any Nation - Warm welcome [Optional time period: 1700s or Modern]

Pairing: Norway

Rating:  G    

Word Count: 750

Summary: When Elsa met her Nation for the first time, he was not what she expected.

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Title:  Custom Concern
Author/Artist:  tinediserp
Prompt:  Denmark, non-Nordic - Hospitality
Other characters:  Starring Germany as our non-Nordic
Rating:  Eh PG sure.
Content notes: WWII and Denmark and Germany.  Also.  Denmark is tactless, Denmark is the most tactless, and you have now been warned.  He’s also TL;DR dear Lord.
Summary: You try to have a nice philosophical life lesson over coffee and what do you get?  No one appreciates old nations these days.

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Title: Guts
Author/Artist: Ccroquette
Prompt: Finland, Any (filled with America) - leaving impressions
Other characters: None
Rating: PG
Content notes: None
Summary: "Plucky little Finland" the newsreels call him, and if there's anything America likes, it's pluck.

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Title: A Date With Edmond Rostand
Author: [ profile] yuuago/Rukkilill
Prompt: France -> Norway; Appearances (Modern)
Rating: 13+ ish
Content notes: Contains flirtation and references to sex... Basically just France being France.
Summary: While having a talk with France at a cafe, Norway realizes that he never can tell whether France means even half of what he says.

As always, I'm open to conversation! <3

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Title: Untitled
Artist: Anonymous
Prompt: (fem)Finland, Any Nation [(fem)France] - Snow
Rating: PG
Summary: It isn't the conversation that France finds fascinating....

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Title:  All's Fair in Love and War

Prompt:  Finland, Denmark - Unexpected complications [Optional time period: 1800s or AU]

Pairing: implied Finland x Estonia and Denmark x Iceland

Time Period: 1800's (mention of 1700's)

Word Count:  1209

Summary: Things don't always go as planned, especially when you're planning a war.

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Title: One More Time
Author/Artist: hanakoanime/Abyss
Prompt: Norway, Sweden - Tradition [Optional: AU]
Other characters: Denmark, America, Prussia, mentioned England, mentioned Finland
Rating: PG
Content notes: All canon human names used (only one that used last name was England).  Norway=Lukas.  Denmark=Abel.  All were taken from the wiki, though I've never seen Denmark referred to by this name.  Also uses "Cafe Spain" from the series.  Could also be viewed as implied Sweden/Norway, though I wrote it as platonic.  I apologize if Berwald has too many emotions!
Summary: Berwald knew it was only a matter of time before they came here.  He wasn't too shocked, but it's nice to think that maybe, they could complain without interruption for once.

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