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Posting access for the 2015 fest is now closed. You can view the master list here.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined and submitted! I'm looking forward to enjoying all of the entries. I hope that everyone will participate next year.

If anyone has any ideas/feedback with regards to things like scheduling, organization, or anything else, feel free to comment here, or send an ask to the fest tumblr, or email the fest account (nordipalooza@gmail.com). I'd love to hear any input that you might have.
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The following is a complete list of the fanworks submitted during the 2015 Nordipalooza Fest. It is arranged in the order they were submitted. See summary fields for each submission's type/rating/language.

You don't need to have a Dreamwidth account to comment on the postings; Anonymous commenting is enabled. Conversation is very encouraged. :)

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Hi everyone!

Just a reminder: The last day to submit to the fest comm will be May 24th. Posting will be closed on May 25th at 7AM EST (that’s UTC-5).

Please read the posting guidelines before you post.

If you have any questions, please send me an ask or email nordipalooza@gmail.com and we’ll get things sorted out for you. :)
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Hello, everyone. Posting access is now open; the last day to post will be May 24th.

To post with your Dreamwidth account, you will need to join the community first. You can do that by going to the Profile and clicking on the "join community" link.

Please read the Posting Guidelines before you post.

There are three ways that you can post your fest entry.

01. Use a Dreamwidth Account to submit to the community directly. This is the preferred method because it allows you to make edits to your submission without needing to contact an administrator.

02. Submit via email. Send your submission to nordipalooza@gmail.com; [personal profile] nordipaloozamod will post it to the community for you. Please fill out the header information from the Posting Guidelines and include it in your email.

03. Submit via tumblr. If you send in your submission through Tumblr, please also fill out the header info from the Posting Guidelines. The [personal profile] nordipaloozamod account will post it for you.
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These are the guidelines for posting your fanwork to the community. Please make sure you read them before you post.

The community will be open for posting on May 9th, and you can post your fanwork any time after that. The last day of the fest is May 24th and posting will be closed at 7 AM EST on May 25th. Please get your fanwork in before the end date!

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Have a question? Still not sure how to submit? You can comment here for clarification, or send an email to nordipalooza@gmail.com, and we’ll help you with that.
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All prompt lists have now been mailed out!

If the email has not been delivered to your inbox, please check your spam/trash folder.

If you haven't received the fest email, you can contact the fest email account (nordipalooza at gmail dot com) or send an Ask to the Fest Tumblr with some of the information you used to sign up (the nickname you listed is fine).
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Signups for the 2015 fest have now closed. Thanks to everyone who decided to participate! If you missed the signup deadline, we hope you will participate next year.

Prompt lists will be sent out by April 12th. An admin update will be made after all of the prompt lists have been sent.

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Hi, everyone! The signup period is nearly over. If you haven't signed up yet, you can read how to do that in the signup post.

The last day that signups will be opened is April 08. Signups will close at on April 9th at 7AM Eastern (UTC-4).

Questions can be left here or in the FAQ Post. Thanks!
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Signups have been opened! To find out how to sign up, please read the signup post.

Same as last year:

Since it worked so well last year, we're doing signups with Google Forms this year too.

If you kept your prompt lists from previous years, you can still submit fanwork responding to those prompts, as long as you sign up for this year's fest too.

Just the same as last year's fest, submissions in all languages are allowed and encouraged! This primarily applies to fanfic, but also to comics and captioned drawings. If you want to write in a language other than English, make sure label it for tagging purposes.

New this year:

In addition to the text version of the fest schedule, you can also view the fest schedule on Google Calendar.
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Signups for Nordipalooza 2015 are now closed.
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Welcome to the Nordipalooza Fanwork Fest!

What is Nordipalooza?

This fest is designed to encourage people to make fanwork exploring a wide variety of interactions between the Nordic characters. The goal is to provide people the challenge of working within the confines of short prompts featuring two randomly-assigned characters. At the same time, it allows for the freedom and flexibility to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

Fanwork centring on the themes of family, friendship, rivalry, historical, and romantic situations are all equally encouraged! All ratings are accepted, and fic submissions in all languages are accepted.

In this fest, each person is assigned a list of four prompts. Each prompt contains two randomly-assigned Nordic characters, one simple theme, and two completely optional historical time periods to use as extra inspiration if you wish. From this list, you then pick two prompts, and for each prompt produce one piece of art or write at least 500 words. There is also the option to respond to only one prompt if you want to make a more complicated fanwork.

Participants from previous years can submit fanwork based on prompts they received for previous fests, provided they sign up for the current fest as well. You will receive a new list, and can write for either the new one or the old one; it's up to you.


Signups open: March 21st 7AM EST
Last day to sign up: April 8th
Signups close: April 9th at 7AM EST
Prompts sent out by: April 12th
Posting opens: May 9th 7AM EST
Last day to post: May 24th
Posting closes: May 25th 7 AM EST

You can view the fest schedule on Google Calendar.

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Have a question? You might find the answer here!

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First information, and the most important: Because people had a lot of problems accessing Livejournal in 2014, Nordipalooza will be moved to Dreamwidth.org for the 2015 fest. All entries and comments have been imported over to the DW community, [community profile] nordipalooza.

The existing entries and comments on the LJ community will stay there, but all new information will be at the Dreamwidth community and the submissions for 2015 will be posted only there. If you don't want to get a Dreamwidth account, you can still sign up and participate, but you will need to submit by using Livejournal OpenID or emailing your submission to the fest email.

Secondly: The refreshed information/guidelines and schedule for 2015 will be posted on March 15th at the latest. Signups for the fest are going to be open on March 21st. Watch the DW Comm or the Fest Tumblr for more information.

If there are any questions, you can leave a comment here, or send an ask to the Fest Tumblr.