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The following is a complete list of the fanworks submitted during the 2013 fest. It is arranged in the order that they were submitted.

You don't need to have a Livejournal account in order to comment on the postings; Anonyous commenting is enabled. Conversation is very encouraged. :)

Nordipalooza 2013 Fanworks )
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Posting for the 2013 edition of the fest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who put their submission in!

A masterlist of all the fanworks will be put up later today.
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Posting access has been opened. Now you can join the community and post your fanwork!

Please read the posting guidelines before posting.

The last day to post will be April 14th.
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These are the guidelines for posting your fanwork to the community. Please make sure you read them before you post.

The community will be open for posting on April 6th, and you can post your fanwork any time after that. The last day of the fest is April 14th and posting will be closed at 7 AM EST on April 15th. Please get your fanwork in before the end date!

Posting Guidelines )

Have a question? Still not sure how to submit? You can comment here for clarification, or send an email to nordipalooza [at] gmail.com, and we’ll help you with that.
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Welcome to the Nordipalooza Fanwork Fest!

What is Nordipalooza?

This fest is designed to encourage people to make fanwork exploring a wide variety of interactions between the Nordic characters. The goal is to provide people the challenge of working within the confines of short prompts featuring two randomly-assigned characters. At the same time, it allows for the freedom and flexibility to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

Fanwork centring on the themes of family, friendship, rivalry, historical, and romantic situations are all equally encouraged!

In this fest, each person is assigned a list of four prompts. Each prompt contains two randomly-assigned Nordic characters, one simple theme, and two completely optional historical time periods to use as extra inspiration. From this list, they then pick two prompts, and for each prompt produce one piece of art or write at least 500 words. There is also the option to respond to only one prompt if you want to make a more complicated fanwork.


Signups open: February 13
Last day to sign up: February 24
Prompts sent out by: February 28
Posting opens: April 6
Last day to post: April 14
Posting closes: April 15 at 7 AM EST

For further information, check here )
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Have a question about the 2013 round of Nordipalooza Fest? You might find the answer here!

Nordipalooza 2013 - FAQ )
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All fest assignments have been sent out (and a little bit early, too!) Check your emails! :D

If you didn't receive your assignment, check your spam filter to make sure it didn't end up there. In the event that it didn't get to you at all, please email nordipalooza @ gmail.com or reply to this post, and we'll get things fixed right up for you.

Good luck!


Feb. 25th, 2013 05:30 am
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Signups for the 2013 fest are now closed. Thanks, guys! Over 30 people have joined.

Prompt lists will be delivered by February 28th; they will be sent to the email you gave in your signup form.