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Posting access for the March 2012 fest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted! I hope everyone's going to have as much fun as I will with reading and looking through everything. <3

A master list of the works from this fest is viewable here. As before, commenting is encouraged, and Anonymous comments are still turned on at this community.

This fest was put together very quickly, and I'm so happy that it turned out well. There will be another one - probably in either July and August - so if anyone has ideas or feedback about how that one could be arranged, feel free to leave them here. I already know of a few things I'd change regarding organization, but I'm sure there's plenty of things I haven't thought of.

Once again - A thousand thanks!
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The following is a complete list of the fanworks submitted in the March 2012 fest. It is arranged in the order that they were submitted.

You don't need to have a Livejournal account in order to comment on the postings; Anonymous commenting on the Livejournal community is enabled. Conversation is very encouraged! :)

March 2012 Fanworks )

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Posting access is now open for all members. Go ahead and put your fanwork up when it is finished, after reading the posting guidelines. :) Those who are posting as Anonymous/without Livejournal accounts will need to send their fanwork to the fest email account for posting [nordipalooza (at) gmail.com]

Remember, the last day to post will be April 5th.
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All assignments for the Nordipalooza Fest 2012 have now been sent! Please check the email address that you provided when you signed up for the fest.

If you have not received your assignment, make sure it has not been filtered into your spam folder. If you really did not receive it, please email nordipalooza [at] gmail.com, or send Mail to the Nordipalooza tumblr and we'll get everything sorted out right away.

Posting to the community will open on March 20th, and will remain open until April 05th.

Good luck!
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The entry for signing up is now closed. Many thanks to everyone who decided to join! There are many more than I thought that there would be (almost 40!), which is very exciting.

Those who sent in their contact forms will receive their prompt lists by March 09. If I'm able to get them out earlier, I will do so. Then we can start making magic! ☆ヽ(廿_廿†)೨

Please direct any questions to the FAQ entry in the meantime.