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Posting access for the March 2012 fest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted! I hope everyone's going to have as much fun as I will with reading and looking through everything. <3

A master list of the works from this fest is viewable here. As before, commenting is encouraged, and Anonymous comments are still turned on at this community.

This fest was put together very quickly, and I'm so happy that it turned out well. There will be another one - probably in either July and August - so if anyone has ideas or feedback about how that one could be arranged, feel free to leave them here. I already know of a few things I'd change regarding organization, but I'm sure there's plenty of things I haven't thought of.

Once again - A thousand thanks!
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The following is a complete list of the fanworks submitted in the March 2012 fest. It is arranged in the order that they were submitted.

You don't need to have a Livejournal account in order to comment on the postings; Anonymous commenting on the Livejournal community is enabled. Conversation is very encouraged! :)

March 2012 Fanworks )

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Title:  Job Hunting

Prompt:  Norway, Any Nation - Warm welcome [Optional time period: 1700s or Modern]

Pairing: Norway

Rating:  G    

Word Count: 750

Summary: When Elsa met her Nation for the first time, he was not what she expected.

Job Hunting )

[identity profile] tinediserp.livejournal.com
Title:  Local Joke
Author/Artist: tinediserp
Prompt:  Norway, Iceland - Learning
Other characters:  Denmark pops up once or twice
Rating:  PG I guess, pretty tame
Content notes:  So goofy how did this become a romcom exposition instead of something decent
Summary:  Norwegian isn’t just a spoken language.

--- )
[identity profile] tinediserp.livejournal.com
Title:  Custom Concern
Author/Artist:  tinediserp
Prompt:  Denmark, non-Nordic - Hospitality
Other characters:  Starring Germany as our non-Nordic
Rating:  Eh PG sure.
Content notes: WWII and Denmark and Germany.  Also.  Denmark is tactless, Denmark is the most tactless, and you have now been warned.  He’s also TL;DR dear Lord.
Summary: You try to have a nice philosophical life lesson over coffee and what do you get?  No one appreciates old nations these days.

--- )
[identity profile] xprincesssammya.livejournal.com
Title: Demons in the Water
Author/Artist: xprincesssammya, I think...might have been exprincesssammya...
Prompt: Norway and Iceland Bath
Other characters: Denmark
Rating: PG?
Content notes: Kissing happens, but more like joking type. Not really shippy. DenNor if you like--look really hard. 
Summary: Denmark has a bad habit of tricking Iceland. This time he's convinced the boy that there are flesh eating monsters in the bathwater. Norway attempts to deal with this, but in the end must relay on Denmark to help out. 

It all started with Denmark. It usually did. The Dane was usually the source of any and all trouble Norway had with his younger brother. One time it was monsters in the mead, the next it was witches in the lake.

A week ago it had been a ghost that would only appear at a certain time and could grant wishes if you stared long enough out of a window in the house. Iceland had stayed up for days trying to find the ghost. He had finally passed out exhausted once Norway had beaten Denmark into saying that he had only summoned the ghost and freed her.

Thor save them all, but now—Iceland was refusing to get in the bathtub. He wanted to scream, punch something, beat someone (preferably Denmark, because he knew it must be his doing).

“Get in the water.”

“There’s things in there and like they’re eat me.”

“There’s nothing in the water, Island. Just get in—you haven’t bathed in three days and you reek.”

The small child looked up and him and shook his head, pouting as he stood firm against the wall on the far side away from the metal tub that he had watched Norway fill with water. It was that that killed him the most. He had made Iceland watch him fill up the tub, and let him inspect it—but here the boy was, still claiming that there were demons in the water.

“They snuck in when you turned your back.”

“There’s nothing in the water,” he went to put his hand in it to prove the boy wrong but then—

Iceland was screaming and sobbing and pulling his hand away.

“Big brother! Don’t! They’ll eat you!”

“Island—shhh,” he sighed and sat on the floor, next to the tub, cuddling him.  

“There’s nothing in the water, Iceland, calm down…”

“But, they’re like…brother Denmark said they were there…” the small child buried his face in the crook of Norway’s neck, “And he said they would eat me…and stuff…and they’re there I saw em…”

“You didn’t see anything…nothing’s there.”

Oh yes, he was going to kill Denmark. But how? There were only so many ways in which to damage that man and his ego and his finding playing pranks on young children funny in some way. Didn’t he realize that it was ‘Norge’ who’d have to pick up the pieces after he tricked Island into believing some tall tale?

He sighed and then picked up a towel and dipped it in the water.

“See? This didn’t get eaten? So there’s no monsters in there.”

Iceland shook his head, “But—big brother,  it only eats flesh…”

Okay, he was going to hurt Denmark, seriously now.

“Fine then—.” He made as to stick his hand in the water only to have to deal with a screaming and crying Iceland again.

Okay, enough was enough.

“Denmark!” he shouted.

As if he’d been waiting to be summoned, the tall blond appeared with his trademarked smirk, “Hej—.”

He blocked Norway’s punch and then smiled down at Iceland, “What’s wrong, Ice?”

“The monsters…” the boy sobbed out.

“Ah, yeah, those,” he dodged a kick, “Like didn’t I teach you the spell to make em go away?”

“Don’t remember it….”

“Well, remember okay? It’s easy,” he stepped in close to Norway and placed his hands on his shoulders, “First you go—‘please stay with me while I get clean and protect me’, and then—,” he leaned forward and dropped a kiss on Norway’s cheek, closer to his mouth, “You do that and clap three times and bam! Protected for a bath.”

“I’m going to hurt you…” Norway mumbled as Iceland hurried over to him.

“Big brother, I gotta do that—then I can take a bath, okay?”

He sighed and then leaned down, “Make it quick…”

“Okay! Please stay with me while I get clean and protect me.” And then Iceland dropped a kiss on his lips, “Okay! I’m safe now.”

“Yeah, yeah, get in the tub already.”

He then stood up and glared at Denmark, “You’re dead later.”

“Looking forward to it,” the Dane smirked and then walked out of the room.

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Title: Surrender Your Love
Author: [livejournal.com profile] icelilly
Prompt: Norway, Denmark - Surrender [Optional: Viking Age or 1900s]
Other characters: Iceland and a brief mention of Sweden.
Rating: T
Content notes: Has some minor language. Set in the modern era. One-sided DenNor and secret pairing towards the end. Can you guess what it is? (Without looking at the tags?)
Summary: Denmark is about to perform one last attempt to win Norway's heart; a heart that stole his centuries ago. Will he finally get his chance? Or will it fall apart before his very eyes?

Read more... )
[identity profile] ccroquette.livejournal.com
Title: Finality
Author/Artist: Ccroquette
Prompt: Norway, Sweden - the way back [1900s]
Other characters: None
Rating: G
Content notes: None
Summary: Sometimes it's the end.

Norway clicks the briefcase shut with a certain finality... )
[identity profile] ccroquette.livejournal.com
Title: Guts
Author/Artist: Ccroquette
Prompt: Finland, Any (filled with America) - leaving impressions
Other characters: None
Rating: PG
Content notes: None
Summary: "Plucky little Finland" the newsreels call him, and if there's anything America likes, it's pluck.

America hasn't really paid him much attention before now. )
[identity profile] kainoliero.livejournal.com
Title: The World Is Not Enough
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kainoliero
PromptNorway, Sweden - Omens [Optional time period: 1600s or 1800s]
Other characters: Finland and Denmark get a mention
Rating: R
Content notes: This story is closely linked to the first one I posted. The pairing is, for most of the time, Sweden/Norway. The fic features non-con themes but is not graphic.
Summary: Norway knew they were doomed, all along. The fic happens during the Kalmar War.

The World Is Not Enough )
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Title: A Date With Edmond Rostand
Author: [livejournal.com profile] yuuago/Rukkilill
Prompt: France -> Norway; Appearances (Modern)
Rating: 13+ ish
Content notes: Contains flirtation and references to sex... Basically just France being France.
Summary: While having a talk with France at a cafe, Norway realizes that he never can tell whether France means even half of what he says.

As always, I'm open to conversation! <3

A Date With Edmond Rostand )
[identity profile] nordipaloozamod.livejournal.com
Title: Untitled
Artist: Anonymous
Prompt: (fem)Finland, Any Nation [(fem)France] - Snow
Rating: PG
Summary: It isn't the conversation that France finds fascinating....

Click to view )
[identity profile] nordipaloozamod.livejournal.com
Title: Siren Song
Author/Artist: Anonymous
Prompt: Sweden, Denmark - Rough water
Other characters: Mentions of Norway, Iceland, Finland
Rating: PG
Content notes: Vaguely suicidal thoughts
Summary: The sea calls to him.

Siren Song )
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Title:  If Only

Prompt:  Finland, Sweden - Too late [Optional time period: 1800s or 1900s]

Rating:  PG

Word Count: 525

Summary: Confessions aren't easy, and the outcome isn't always good.

If Only... )

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Title:  All's Fair in Love and War

Prompt:  Finland, Denmark - Unexpected complications [Optional time period: 1800s or AU]

Pairing: implied Finland x Estonia and Denmark x Iceland

Time Period: 1800's (mention of 1700's)

Word Count:  1209

Summary: Things don't always go as planned, especially when you're planning a war.

All's Fair in Love and War )

[identity profile] danishcream.livejournal.com
Title: Winds of Fate
Author: danishcream
Prompt: Sweden, Finland - Pretending [Optional: Viking Age or 1800s]
Rating: G
Summary: Sweden is utterly convinced that Finland has the ability to control wind and comes to him for help. Finland tries his best to fit the role.

He doesn't have the slightest idea why people though his own could control the winds, or where the stories even began. )

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Title:  Spooning
Prompt:  Norway, Iceland - Routines [Optional time period: Medieval or 1700s]
Pairing: Familial Norway & Iceland
Time period: from Norse settlement in Iceland up to 1814 when Denmark loses Norway to Sweden
Rating:  G
Word Count: 1602
Summary:  Norway is gone, and things just aren't the same anymore.

Norway is baking. )

[identity profile] middletails.livejournal.com
Title: Use Your Imagination
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] middletails
Prompt: Finland/Norway, Secret Key
Other characters: None
Rating: G
Summary: Some things...should not be shared with others.

We didn't need to know that. )
[identity profile] nordipaloozamod.livejournal.com
Title: Bonding
Artist: Turtlesinadishwasher
Prompt: Iceland, Sweden - Fire
Rating: K
Summary: Just a little uncle-nephew bonding moment, because everyone knows the other Nordics' favorite pastime is messing with Denmark's head.

Bonding )
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title: to end where we began
author: [livejournal.com profile] nefelokokkygia
prompt: iceland, sweden - cold water [medieval or modern]
other characters: mentions of denmark, finland, norway, germania
rating: g
content notes: child-iceland and grown-up sweden, speculation on germania's family tree, gratuitous use of icelandic and swedish, norway is a good daddy, and enough existentialism to hopelessly drown in.
alternate hosting: ao3
summary: little iceland has many questions, and sweden doesn't have the answers to all of them. but he'll try the best he can.

“Liv, hjärtat. Life.” )


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