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Title: --
Author/Artist: Anonymous
Prompt: Intimidation (AU); Sweden, Iceland
Other characters: --
Rating: G
Content notes: Magical girl AU, I don't even know anymore.
Summary: The first to back down, loses.

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Title: --
Author/Artist: Anonymous
Prompt: Miscommunication; Sweden, Any Nation
Other characters: --
Rating: G
Content notes: Let's see how broadly I can interpret my prompt... The quote is (a mangled version) from "The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Andersen.
Summary: There is no greater reward than the tears in your eyes.

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Title: Optimism
Author/Artist: Seasonalparadox (
Prompt: Norway, Finland - Optimism - Kalmar Union or 1600s
Other characters: Mentions of Iceland
Rating: G to T
Content notes: Background violence, mostly, but nothing graphic. No foul language either.
Summary: It is a tense situation for everyone in the Kalmar Union right now, but the opinions of two different nations differ greatly.

Optimism )
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Title:  Fracture
Author/Artist: Polarstern
Prompt: Iceland, Sweden - Arguments - 1500s or 1900s
Other characters: Denmark, mentions of Norway.
Rating: G
Content notes: Den/Ice. This is a sort-of continuation of my entry for the DenIce fest last year, although you don't really need to read it.
Summary: Things don't quite go to plan and Iceland doesn't know how to cope


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Title: Alvorada (Dawn)
Author: Hinata Plusle
Prompt: Finland, Denmark - morning - 1500s or 1700s
Other characters: mentions of Sweden
Rating: G
Content notes: written in Brazilian Portuguese.
Summary: A alvorada verdadeira não perdia por esperar. Como passou a desejá-la? De maneira mais simples do que poderia parecer.

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Title: Millennium
Author: Hinata Plusle
Prompt: Norway/Iceland - growing up - 1800s or 1900s
Other characters: none.
Rating: K
Content notes: none.
Summary: A random letter for no good reason. Still a letter.

Millennium )
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Title: Rivalries
Author/Artist: [personal profile] icelilly /scarlettlillies/dreaming-pearl
Prompt: Sweden, Denmark - Acceptance
Other characters: Russia (Finland, Estonia, Norway, and Iceland are mentioned but not seen)
Rating: T (PG at best)
Content notes: Poketalia human AU. This is based on the Poketalia AU I've been working on for several years now. Teams are based on the photosets I've posted on Tumblr. You can read more about the AU here (link includes the photosets too). SuFin is established but none of it is present in this. Names: Christian - Denmark, Björn - Sweden, Timo - Finland, Einar - Norway, Eiríkur - Iceland, Eduard - Estonia, Ivan - Russia. Apologizes for messing up the accents.
Summary: Christian and Björn have been both life-time friends and rivals. They meet again today for a battle that will decide who goes to the semi-final round. They're on better terms now but it wasn't always like that.

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Title: Rain
Author/Artist: Hinata Plusle
Prompt: Sweden/Any nation - lost in the woods or other geographical location - 1900s or modern
Other characters: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland
Rating: K+
Content notes: Human names. Norway - Aksel; Denmark - Thorbjørn; Finland - Timo.
Mentions of past one-sided Sufin.
Summary: Pretending is hard. The weather doesn't help.

Rain )
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Title: Across Wonderland
Author/Artist: middletails (
Prompt: Chase - Denmark & Sweden
Other characters: Norway sorta and Iceland's Puffin pet...sorta
Rating: G
Content notes: n/a
Summary: What happens when your friends are busy drawing during a con and you get bored and
start drawing as well.

Super Denmark Bros )
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Title: cupid? more like STUPID, amirite?
Author/Artist: returnofthepundead
Prompt: Denmark, Any Nation - New acquaintances
Other characters: Sweden, Finland, Norway. Brief mentions of Turkey and Greece.
Rating: T
Content notes: Denmark is Mathias, Sweden is Berwald, Finland is Timo, Norway is Lukas. Turkey is Salik, Greece is Herakles. If you don't like any of the human names, just, like, copy and paste it onto another document and replace the names. Human names are a pain. Potential Sweden/Finland. Rating for language and innuendo in the form of puns. Takes place in an English secondary school; all characters speak in English unless otherwise specified. Finland is a year older than everyone else.
Summary: Mathias Køhler had always fancied himself to be a bit of a Cupid. Some might disagree, but... well, yeah, actually, they might kinda have a point there.

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Title: Krummavísur (The Raven's Song)
Author: kainoliero
Prompt: Norway, Iceland - Song - (1700s or 1500s)
Other characters: -
Rating: G
Content notes: based around an Icelandic folk song Krummavísur, The Raven's Song. You can find the song here: The fic is set in early 1800's.
Summary: Ravens aren't evil, they're just ravens doing raven things. If you fall through the ice the raven thing is - obviously - to see if you'll soon become the next meal for them.

Krummavísur (The Raven's Song) )
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Title: All Apologies
Author/Artist: kira
Prompt: Sweden, Any Nation - Apologies | Modern or 1700s
Other characters: (In order of appearance) Finland, Sealand, England, Denmark, Norway
Rating: OT for “off camera” sex.
Content notes: The following is a sequel of sorts to a fic I co-wrote with two friends of mine, Jen and Kat, called “Ravishing Sweden.” No knowledge of that fic is really necessary to enjoy this, but it does allude to events in that fic. For those who wish to read “Ravishing Sweden” it can be found here:
Summary: Sweden apologizes for being an arse…

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Title: Story Time
Author/Artist: cheshirejin
Prompt: Norway, Any Nation - Folklore
Other characters:Sealand
Rating: General
Summary: Norway tells Sealand a story.

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Hi everyone!

Just a reminder: The last day to submit to the fest comm will be May 24th. Posting will be closed on May 25th at 7AM EST (that’s UTC-5).

Please read the posting guidelines before you post.

If you have any questions, please send me an ask or email and we’ll get things sorted out for you. :)
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Title: High Above
Author/Artist: Caffinatedstory
Prompt: Norway, Denmark - Unpacking
Rating: T
Summary: Norway successfully drags Denmark up a mountain, Denmark is less successful at getting down. Because nothing says brotherly bonding time like a 'hyttetur'

High Above )
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Title: Northern home
Author/Artist: Caffinatedstory
Prompt: Norway/Finland - Returning
Other characters: Sami
Rating: T

Summary: Times change and years tick by, but sometimes it's good to return to where one came from. Where it all started.


Northern Home )

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Title: Firm Form, Soft Touch
Author/Artist: [personal profile] yuuago/[personal profile] roesslyng/Rukkilill
Prompt: Norway/Denmark - Frills - Modern
Other characters: N/A
Rating: 18+
Content notes: Rating is for sex. Norway tops, Denmark crossdresses, they both have a good time.
Summary: They've been close for a long time, but that doesn't mean that there isn't anything new left to learn about each other.

Firm Form, Soft Touch )
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Title: Feline humour
Author/Artist: Hetaliatimes/[personal profile] akinohikari 
Prompt: Iceland, any nation - Transformation - Medieval or AU
Other characters: Norway
Rating: General
Content notes: Harry Potter AU. Sigurd (Norway) is a Ravenclaw and Erik (Iceland) is a Slytherin.
Summary: Erik is determined to follow in his brother’s footsteps, even if he has to put up with his teasing to do it.

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Hello, everyone. Posting access is now open; the last day to post will be May 24th.

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There are three ways that you can post your fest entry.

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These are the guidelines for posting your fanwork to the community. Please make sure you read them before you post.

The community will be open for posting on May 9th, and you can post your fanwork any time after that. The last day of the fest is May 24th and posting will be closed at 7 AM EST on May 25th. Please get your fanwork in before the end date!

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