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Hello, everyone. Posting access is now open; the last day to post will be July 16th.

To post with your Dreamwidth account, you will need to join the community first. You can do that by going to the Profile and clicking on the "join community" link.

Please read the Posting Guidelines before you post.

There are three ways that you can post your fest entry.

01. Use a Dreamwidth Account to submit to the community directly. This is the preferred method because it allows you to make edits to your submission without needing to contact an administrator.

02. Submit via email. Send your submission to; [personal profile] nordipaloozamod will post it to the community for you. Please fill out the header information from the Posting Guidelines and include it in your email.

03. Submit via tumblr. If you send in your submission through Tumblr, please also fill out the header info from the Posting Guidelines. The [personal profile] nordipaloozamod account will post it for you.