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These are the guidelines for posting your fanwork to the community. Please make sure you read them before you post.

The community will be open for posting on July 1st, and you can post your fanwork any time after that. The last day of the fest is July 17th and posting will be closed at 8 AM EST on July 18th. Please get your fanwork in before the end date!

Posting Guidelines

*To post to this community using a Dreamwidth account, you need to be a member. If you are not yet a member, to join the community go to the community profile and click "join". If you do not have a Dreamwidth account, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, email your submission to as attachment(s) with the header form(s) filled out in the body of the email. Alternatively, you can use the Submission function on the Nordipalooza tumblr instead of sending it through email. When your fanwork is received, [personal profile] nordipaloozamod will post it to the Dreamwidth community for you.

*The fanwork header must go in front of a readmore cut, and your fanwork submission must go behind the cut. If you don't know how to make an cut, see here.

*Posting to the community itself is required. If you want to crosspost your work to another site such as FF.Net in addition to posting it in the community, that is perfectly okay! But you must post it to [community profile] nordipalooza before you post it anywhere else.

*All submissions must be public. We want everyone to be able to see the results of this fest.

*Each fanwork must be posted as a separate entry!

*Please tag your post appropriately by using the names of the characters and the type of fanwork.

*If your fanwork is responding to a prompt that you received in a previous year, please mention in the prompt, summary, or content notes which year it was from.

*If your fanwork is written in a language other than English, then your summary and content notes should be written in both English and the language that your submission is in. It would also be appreciated if you state in the content notes which language other than English you are writing in.

*If your fanwork includes a pairing, please mention it in the prompt (if applicable), summary, or content notes.

*The content notes section should be used if your fanwork uses human names, requires warnings, or if there is anything else that viewers should know beforehand.

*This format should be used for the subject line:

[Submission Type]: Title of Submission.
For 'submission type', please use [Fanfiction], [Art], or [Fanfiction and Art] according to the type you are submitting.

*Use the following header in front of your submission:

Author/Artist: (Your Dreamwidth username, or Tumblr URL, or nickname for another site)
Other characters:
Content notes: (Use of human names, warnings, or anything else the reader might want to know first, if applicable)

Here is an example of a properly filled-out header:

Title: Never-Ending Road
Author: Anonymous
Prompt: Sweden, Norway - Letters - 1800s/1900s
Other characters: Denmark
Rating: T
Content notes: References to past Sweden/Norway. Some references to sex. Uses human names; Norway is 'Erik' and Denmark is 'Lars' in this story.
Summary: Many years after the end of Sweden's union with Norway, Sweden and Denmark are helping Norway clean out his study, and find some old letters that were received, but never opened.

Have a question? Still not sure how to submit? You can comment here for clarification, or send an email to, and we’ll help you with that.

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