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Signups for Nordipalooza 2016 are now closed!

Welcome to the signup post for the 2016 Nordipalooza fanwork fest. If you haven't read the FAQ post and the introduction and guidelines yet, please give that a look first!

Signups will open on May 8th at 8AM EST. The last day to sign up will be May 31st. Signups will close on June 1st at 8AM EST.

How to sign up

Signups are being done through Googledocs forms - you can find the form here.

No Dreamwidth Account signups

If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, select "No" for the Will you be using a Dreamwidth account to post? question in the signup form. Prompts will be delivered to the valid email address that you provide when you sign up. When your fanwork is finished, send it in an email to nordipalooza [at] or Submit it to the Nordipalooza tumblr, and then [personal profile] nordipaloozamod will post it to the community for you.

Anonymous signups

If you don't want your name attached to your fanwork, answer "yes" to Would you prefer your submission to be Anonymous? in the signup form. All other information applies the same way as the "No Dreamwidth Account signup" above.


Questions or concerns? Feel free to comment at the FAQ post or email nordipalooza [at] with your question.