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Welcome to the Nordipalooza Fanwork Fest!

What is Nordipalooza?

This fest is designed to encourage people to make fanwork exploring a wide variety of interactions between the Nordic characters. The goal is to provide people the challenge of working within the confines of short prompts featuring two randomly-assigned characters. At the same time, it allows for the freedom and flexibility to be as creative and imaginative as possible.

Fanwork centring on the themes of family, friendship, rivalry, historical, and romantic situations are all equally encouraged! All ratings are accepted, and fic submissions in all languages are accepted.

In this fest, each person is assigned a list of four prompts. Each prompt contains two randomly-assigned Nordic characters, one simple theme, and two completely optional historical time periods to use as extra inspiration if you wish. From this list, you then pick two prompts, and for each prompt produce one piece of art or write at least 500 words. There is also the option to respond to only one prompt if you want to make a more complicated fanwork.

Participants from previous years can submit fanwork based on prompts they received for previous fests, provided they sign up for the current fest as well. You will receive a new list, and can write for either the new one or the old one; it's up to you.


Signups open: May 8th at 8AM EST
Last day to sign up: May 31st
Signups close: June 1st at 8AM EST
Prompts sent out by: June 5th
Posting opens: July 1st at 8AM EST
Last day to post: July 16th
Posting closes: July 17th at 8AM EST

You can also view the fest schedule on Google Calender.


-Nordipalooza is open to the creation of fanfiction and fanart. You can choose to do whichever format you wish – or both of them!
-Signing up is required in order to participate in this fanwork fest! But you don't need a Dreamwidth account to participate, and Anonymous submissions are also permitted.
-All ratings for fanwork are welcome!
-All languages are welcome! Submissions in languages other than English must have the language clearly stated for tagging purposes.
-Everyone who signs up will receive four prompts. You must choose your prompts from the list you received, or from a list you received in a previous signup.
-Requirements for fanfiction: minimum of 2 works at minimum 500 words each, or 1 work at minimum 1000 words.
-Requirements for art: minimum 2 works without colour, or minimum 1 work with colour.

How it works

-Signups will open on May 8th. See the Signup Post for more information.
-Prompt lists will be sent by email. Please refer to the timeline above for specific dates.
-You have until the last day to post in order to produce your fanwork and post it to the community. The guidelines for posting can be viewed in the Posting Guidelines.
-If you participated in a previous year and still find your prompts from that year inspiring, you can submit fanwork based on that list, provided you sign up for the current fest.

About the prompts

-Assigned prompts are based on the main five Nordic characters: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. Each prompt will feature two Nordic nations assigned using a randomizer.
-Some prompts may include an "Any character" option, which allows you to write about any nation or historical figure of your choice along with the Nordic character provided.
-Each prompt will include a one-word theme. This theme can be interpreted as narrowly or as broadly as you like.
-Each prompt includes two historical time periods. These time periods are completely optional; they serve only as additional inspiration. Fanworks may be set in any time period that you desire.

Here is an example of what an assigned prompt list might look like:
1. Norway, Denmark - Rain [Optional: 1500s or 1800s]
2. Denmark, Iceland - Writing letters [Optional: 1600s or 1800s]
3. Iceland, Finland - Coffee [Optional: 1900s or AU]
4. Denmark, Sweden - Borders [Optional: Viking Age or 1600s]

The person who received this list might, for example, decide to take prompts 3 and 4, and write two short fics - one about Iceland and Finland sharing a personal moment together over coffee, and the other a historical fic dealing with the border changes between Sweden and Denmark over time. Or, they might decide to write prompt 2, and write 1000-word fic set sometime during the 19th century about Denmark and Iceland writing letters to Norway together.

About Fanworks

-Option 1: choose at least two prompts from the list. For each of your prompts, you must produce one fanfic at least 500 words long, or one piece of art. If doing two prompts, colour is not required for art.
-Option 2: Choose to do only one prompt if you want to do a fanwork at least 1000 words long, or art that is coloured.
-Works can be as simple or as long and complicated as you desire, as long as they satisfy the minimum requirement!
-You can do fanwork for as many prompts as you wish as long as the minimum requirements are met.
-All ratings of fanwork are permitted.
-All languages of fanwork are permitted.

Please see the FAQ Post for further details. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in that entry!
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