Jul. 18th, 2016

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Title: All The Things He Said
Author/Artist: Icelilly
Prompt: Denmark, Any Nation (Estonia) - Things Left Unsaid - Modern or 1500s
Other characters: The Nordic-Baltic 8 appear in this but only Den, Est, Fin, Liet, and Lat have lines.
Rating: T
Content notes: DenEst-centered. Very long, around 4400+ words. More notes are listed at the end of this fic. I forgot how to write Den's accent.
Summary: Denmark and Estonia once shared a difficult and violent relationship but not so much anymore. Still, the memories from those days still plague him and he's struggling to enjoy his day off with his partner and friends.

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Title: Deadweight Tonnage
Author: [personal profile] kanadka (tumblr, ao3)
Prompt: Iceland, Denmark - Mourning - Medieval or 1800s
Other characters: Norway; England gets mentions and is the general antagonist but is otherwise Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Fic
Rating: M, because Iceland disposes of a body.
Content notes: Didn't write it with the accents this time. Hopefully the dialogue is worded such that it's not hard to superimpose them, should you choose! Also, I took this prompt very liberally. There's a death, but not a lot of mourning happens. Light mentions of gore (there's a body)
Summary: Iceland knows there's no way Denmark will let England have those ships, unless he's unavoidably detained.

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Title: Event Horizon (Part 1)
Author: [personal profile] gelaecter  (tumblr | AO3)
Prompt: Iceland, Denmark - Missing - AU or Modern
Other characters: Belgium, Netherlands, mentions of the other Nordics
Rating: T
Content notes: Well this snowballed - only part one atm because I'm caught up in in the middle of an unexpected (but ultimately positive) job transition and didn't have time to type up the rest (it is finished though). No other warnings, at least for this section.
Summary: Emil's estranged brother goes missing, and Emil gets to know him in his absence.

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The following is a complete list of the fanworks submitted during the 2016 Nordipalooza Fest. It is arranged in the order they were submitted. See summary fields for each submission's type/rating/language.

You don't need to have a Dreamwidth account to comment on the postings; Anonymous commenting is enabled. Conversation is very encouraged. :)

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Posting access for the 2016 fest is now closed. You can view the master list here.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined and submitted! I'm looking forward to enjoying all of the entries. I hope that everyone will participate next year.

If anyone has any ideas/feedback with regards to things like scheduling, organization, or anything else, feel free to comment here, or send an ask to the fest tumblr, or email the fest account (nordipalooza@gmail.com). I'd love to hear any input that you might have.